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Romantic Viennese Guitars


A magic moment of music. Two fine musicians – Christian Fergo and Raoul Morat – played Schubert on two guitars.
— Elisabeth Leonskaja, pianist

One of the most exceptional classical guitar duos to emerge in recent years.

Ever since their debut, Duo Morat-Fergo has made a name through their ground breaking arrangements and interpretations of 19th Century piano music. Musical intimacy and precision are some of the duo's hallmarks, defined by their ability to make the sound of their guitars melt together and appear as one instrument.

Christian Fergo and Raoul Morat met while studying with Echo prize winner Frank Bungarten. A mutual love for Schubert's music sparked the beginning of the duo. One of their goals is to use the extraordinary abilities of the romantic Viennese guitars in their arrangements of the piano music of among others Mozart, Schubert and Chopin.

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 Christian Fergo

Christian Fergo

 Raoul Morat

Raoul Morat





'Recently I experienced a magic moment of music. Two fine musicians – Christian Fergo and Raoul Morat – played Schubert on two guitars. I felt transformed back to the time of Schubert and thought I heard pianos from his Epoche. A moment full of magical sounds.'

- Elisabeth Leonskaja, pianist


'The Schubert-Arrangements by this excellent guitar duo, Morat-Fergo, are a true discovery: rarely was the intimacy and charm of this music more beautifully illuminated.'

- Michael Endres, pianist


'Such crescendos I've never heard from a plucked duo. That and Duo Morat-Fergo's perfect timing let the melodies sing for real. I'm looking forward to their new cd.'

- Jan Tulacek, luthier







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Signing with Challenge Records Int.

We are absolutely delighted to announce we have signed with one of the best classical labels, Challenge Records International. This fall our first CD will be released. 'A Sentimental Moment' will feature famous piano music by Franz Schubert. A culmination of a project we have worked on ever since we founded Duo Morat-Fergo.

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Winterreise to be published

Our arrangement of Schubert's Winterreise for tenor and guitar duo is going to be published. We have signed the contract with Viennese publisher Doblinger Verlag, famous for its editions of amongst others Schubert's music.

Read more about our Winterreise Project with tenor Julian Pregardien...

Latest Video                          

Watch our latest video: Schubert's Valses Sentimentale from a live performance in Germany.




January 28 - Chamber Recital - Fribourg, Switzerland; René Perler, bass - Sebastian Diezig, cello - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

February 21-25 - Irish Tour - Maynooth, Castletown, Ireland

May 13 - Chamber Recital - Ronco, Switzerland; Mattia Zappa, cello - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

December 1 - 8:00 pm - Chamber Recital - Benefiz Concert - Neuchatel, Switzerland; Mattia Zappa, cello - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

December 2 - 7:30 pm - Chamber Recital - Marianischer Saal - Lucerne, Switzerland; Mattia Zappa, cello - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

December 3 - 11:00 am - Chamber Recital - Helferei - Zurich, Switzerland; Mattia Zappa, cello - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars Kulturhaus Helferei



January 21 - 5:00 pm - Duo Recital - Ono - Bern, Switzerland; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

January 28 - 5:00 pm - Duo Recital - Marianischer Saal - Lucerne, Switzerland; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

February 10-14 - CD-Recording - Detmold, Germany

February 11 - Duo Recital - Marienmunster, Germany; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

February 16 - Duo Recital - Tschiertschen, Switzerland; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

April 15 - Duo Recital - Linz, Austria - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

September 16 - 5:00 pm - Duo Recital - Vienna, Austria - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars - Kunst rund um Schubert

November 9 - Duo Recital - Neuchatel, Switzerland - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

November 10 - CD Release Event ‘A Sentimental Moment’ - Lucerne - Switzerland

November 17 - 7:00 pm  - Duo Recital - Hauskonzert Feldberg, Germany; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars - www.hauskonzert-feldberg.de

November 25 - 5:00 pm  - Duo Recital - Uster, Switzerland; Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars



February 22 - 7:00 pm - Winterreise - Lied Recital - Aarau, Switzerland; Georg Poplutz, Tenor - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

February 24 - 5:00 pm - Winterreise - Lied Recital - Luzern, Switzerland; Georg Poplutz, Tenor - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars

October 19 - Duo Recital - Aux Losanges - Tschiertschen, Switzerland - Duo Morat-Fergo, guitars




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Schubert's piano music for Romantic Viennese Guitars



The famous song cycle with Julian Prégardien



A recital with cellist Mattia Zappa - Music by Bach, de Falla and Schubert



Schubertreise by Irish composer Martin O'Leary

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